Android Application Development

We at NYTP are proud to offer services in developing mobile device applications for the Android platform, which is a framework developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance.

NYTP offers services in developing mobile solutions for the Android platform. The experience and skills that our developers accumulated over the years allow them to professionally design, test and port developed solutions to the Android platform. Regardless of the application purpose (entertainment, gaming, business-related or information/data exchange) our experts will work hard to meet your expectations and provide a high-quality solution. They can also design applications with GPS and WiFi support for the Android platform. All applications developed by Intellectsoft meet high standards of all technologies applied during the development process.

In many aspects Android is considered to be one of the most flexible and open platforms and its use is not limited to mobile phones.

The latest upcoming mobile technology in web world is supposed to be Android. Android is developed by Google and open handset alliance and is Linux based mobile platform which includes software stack for mobile devices.

Android is open source and is easy to use providing a great visibility to developers. Android SDK provides tools and APIs necessary to begin developing custom applications using JAVA Programming language (J2ME)

Customized Android App Development

Technical knowledge and talent is pioneer need for developing exceptional apps on the Android Platform. The Linux kernel, Daivik and SQL Lite database are some of the basic tools and techniques to build master Android apps. Using them, the Android app developer and programmer teams can deliver various custom made Android applications.Some typical characteristics of Android development are as under:

Android is gaining a leading position as a native OS for a variety of tablet computers. We have the necessary Android development expertise in delivering Samsung Galaxy Tab applications and Advent Vega applications.

NYTP provides Mobile Application development for Android Platform. NYTP helps clients build a range of rich, innovative and cost effective applications that are able to run on the Android Platform. NYTP has some expert developers in house who will build applications to suit you need.