Designing and Branding

The design of your website can either improve your success on the web or have very negative effects on your online image.  A website should be attractive to visitors, but more importantly, it should be functional.  We like to use the term "design" to describe the entire user experience on your website, from sign on to sign off.  An effective website will have the following characteristics:

An easy way to contact the company - it is preferable to have a contact form, request for quote form, or request for information for on your website as opposed to simply listing your email address.  Not only does this prevent your staff from receiving large amounts of spam, but lets your customers know what kind of information you need to best assist them.

Gives people a reason to return to the site - This can be as simple as providing easy access to company news, events, new product releases, etc.  You are more likely to attract repeat visitors if this information is available on the home page of your site.

Search engine friendly - There are many coding techniques that can be used to improve your visibility to search engines.

We use the items above as a checklist, no website is complete without them.  When you choose NYTP as  your website designer, you are assured that all efforts are taken to get people to see your website and to return often.