Application Management

Mobile Application Management  focuses on the role-based security, provisioning and control of mobile apps in an organization. Additional capabilities include what is commonly called “inventory management”, since Mobile Application Management  provides a complete view of all devices, and their characteristics such as device type, operating system, memory, and installed applications.

Mobile Application Management  is essential for organizations providing “in-house” apps to employees or contractors using corporate-liable or individual-liable devices. For example, if a user leaves an organization or group, apps and data belonging to the organization can be de-provisioned, without resorting to a full “device wipe” which could expose an organization to liability.

Apple IOS supports a protocol called “Wireless App Delivery” that allows IOS devices, including iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, to receive apps delivered from a server to install apps. In this case, user agreement (a prompt) is always required to install an app.

NYTP’s  products provide enhanced capabilities, such as the ability to install multiple apps at one time, to push notifications to a central “App Catalog”, and to enable in-app updating on the fly.